Super Hero Taisen Interview from Hero Vision 43

Inoue Masahiro, who plays Kadoya Tsukasa/Kamen Rider Decade, and Totani Kimito, who plays Kaitou Daiki/Kamen Rider Diend, will appear in the movie "Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen"! They are happy to show us their united performance. What did they feel after playing Tsukasa and Daiki for the first time in a while? And what were their impressions of the cast of "Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger," who they co-starred with for the first time? We asked them to talk about it in a friendly atmosphere!

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Scanned page of original interview with photograph of Inoue Masahiro as Great Leader Tsukasa and Totani Kimito as Kaitou Daiki.

Scans by silverwind.


Totani: When I learned I would appear in this film, I emailed Masahiro and said "I look forward to working with you again".


Masahiro: You did. But I didn't reply.

俺も正大がそういうタイプなのはわかってるし、「正大だから、いいや」って。「仮面ライダーディケイド」が終わってからは、(仮面ライダークウガ小野寺ユウスケ役の村井) 良大は俺の出た舞台を観に来てくれたりして、会ってたけど。

Totani: Since I know Masahiro is that type of person, I thought “It's Masahiro, so it's okay”. After Kamen Rider Decade was over, Murai Ryota (who plays Onodera Yusuke/Kamen Rider Kuuga) came to see me on stage, and we did meet.

俺も良大には何回か会ったけど、ふたり(戸谷くんと光夏海役の森カンナちゃん)とは全然会ってなくて (笑)。クランクインして顔を合わせても、普通に「久しぶり」って言っただけ。

Masahiro: I met Ryota a few times, but I never met the other two (Totani-kun and Kanna-chan, who played Hikari Natsumi) (laughs). When we began filming and saw each other, we just said, “Long time no see”.


Totani: It was the same as usual, there's no particular memory to reminisce about. The relationship between Tsukasa and Kaitou has not changed either. They have both grown up, but they still keep a reasonable distance from each other.

そうだね、士と海東は“距離が変わらない”イメージ。海東が寄って来ると士が引いて、逆に士が寄ろうとすると海東が引く。その中に信頼だとかが見えるのが、「いいな」って思うんだ。 俺たち自身も、不思議と一緒にいるのが自然な感じ。

Masahiro: Yes, I think of Tsukasa and Kaitou as "keeping the same distance". When Kaitou comes closer, Tsukasa pulls back, and when Tsukasa tries to get closer, Kaitou pulls back. I like the fact that there is a sense of trust in this relationship. It feels strangely natural for us to be together.

そう。 俺たちってホントに、士と海東みたい。 お互いB型でマイペース、何もしゃべらなくても居心地がいい。

Totani: Yeah, we really are like Tsukasa and Kaitou. We are both blood type B, we both have our own pace, and we are comfortable without talking about anything.


Masahiro: When I think back to the days of "Decade", Ryota was the one who brought us all together.

ふふっ (笑)。俺も正大もカンナもマイベース過ぎて、良大がいないとまとまら ない。それは確かだね。 空き時間は正大がずっと寝てるから、俺は「海賊戦隊ゴーカイジャー」のメンバーと話してるよ。

Totani: Fufu (laughs). Masahiro, Kanna and I are all too self-centered, and we can't get along without Ryota, that’s how it is. When I was free, Masahiro was always sleeping, so I talked with the "Pirate Sentai Gokaiger" members.

(ゴーカイレッド/キャプテン・マーベラス役の) 小澤亮太くんとは、少し話し たよ。自分と同じマイペースな匂いがして、 親近感がわいた(笑)。あと、「『ゴーカイ ジャー』も話の作りがちょっと 『ディケイド』 似てる部分があるね」とか、プライベー トの話とか...「最近は、休日はずっと裏 てる」って。

Masahiro: I talked a little with Ozawa Ryota (who plays Gokai Red/Captain Marvelous). I felt a kinship with him because he has the same fast pace as me (laughs). He also told me that the story of "Gokaiger" is a bit like that of "Decade" in some ways, and we also talked about his private life… He told me, “Lately, I’m always coming to work on my days off”.

おっさんやん (笑)!

Totani: He’s like an old man (laughs)!

そんな感じ (笑)。

Masahiro: That's how it feels (laughs).

俺は、一緒のシーンが多い(ゴーカイブルー/ジョー・ギブケン役の山田裕貴くんや (ゴーカイグリーン/ドゴイヤー役の) 清水一希くんと話す。ふたりとも初日からフレンドリーに話しかけてくれてすごく楽しいし、「仕事に対してすごくマジメだな」って思った。ふたりとも まだ正大と話してないから「正大くんって どんな感じ? 話しかけていいのかな?」って気にしてたね。女の子かっ (笑)!「あの まんまだよ」って答えたけど(笑)。正大は“俺に話しかけるな”的オーラを発してる感じがするんだって。

Totani: I talked with Yamada Yuki (who plays Gokai Blue/Joe Gibken) and Shimizu Kazuki (who plays Gokai Green/Dogoier), with whom I have many scenes together. Both of them were friendly to me from the first day and I enjoyed talking to them, I thought “They are very serious about their work”. Neither of them had talked to Masahiro yet, so they asked, "What's Masahiro-kun like? Is it okay to talk to him?" They were very nervous about it, like girls (laughs)! I answered, "He’s just like that" (laughs). Masahiro seems to be giving off a "Don't talk to me" aura.

そう?「話すのは嫌いじゃないよ」って言っといて (ちょっと淋しそう)。

Masahiro: Is that so? You should’ve told them I don’t mind talking (looks a little lonely).

もちろん言っといたよ! 正大は、 話せば全然普通なんだけどね。

Totani: Of course I told them! Masahiro is totally normal when you talk to him.

でしょ? ホントはかまってほしい んだけど。 僕からすると、むしろ『ゴーカイジャー』のみんなの方がずっと一緒にやって来て自分たちの世界ができてるから、入りにくそう。

Masahiro: Right? I really want them to pay attention to me. From my point of view, the members of "Gokaiger" have been together for a long time and have created their own world, so I think it's harder for me to join them.


Totani: It’s not like that. Everyone is just trying to find out what’s going on (laughs). Masahiro is an "attention seeker", but he doesn't go out of his way to interact with others.


Masahiro: I'm a tsundere…

今回の士は、ライダー陣営を率いてる“覇王”っぽい感じ ―井上

This time, Tsukasa looks like the “overlord” who leads the rider camp ―Inoue

Scanned page of original interview with photograph of
Scanned page of original interview with photograph of

大樹は何かを学んで、仲間意識がめばえてきたのかも —戸谷

Maybe Daiki learned something and developed a sense of camaraderie —Totani


Playing Tsukasa and Daiki for the first time in a while

クランクインの前、年末にテレビで放送された映画 (「劇場版仮面ライダーディケイド オールライダー対大ショッカー」) を見たらすごく懐かしかったなぁ。

Masahiro: Before we began filming, I was very nostalgic when I saw the movie ("Kamen Rider Decade All Riders vs. DaiShocker") that was broadcast on TV at the end of the year.

俺はトリロジー (「仮面ライダー×仮 面ライダー×仮面ライダー THE MOVIE 超 • 電王トリロジー EPISODE YELLOW お宝DEエンド・パイレーツ」) を見返したよ。

Totani: I rewatched the trilogy ("Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider The Movie: Chou Den-O Trilogy EPISODE YELLOW Treasure DE End Pirates")

クランクインの日にスタッフさん全員に挨拶したら、助監督の人たちも「待つてた」とか言ってくれて、あったかく迎えてくれたのが嬉しかった。でも「久々だな」っていう感じはその日だけで、次の日には前 の通り (笑)。変身シーンを撮る時の段取りとかもスタッフさんに言われる前に自然とやってて、意外とちゃんと覚えてたね。

Masahiro: On the day we started filming, I greeted all the staff, and even the assistant director said, "I was waiting for you," and I was happy to be welcomed warmly. But the feeling of "it's been a while" only lasted for that day, and the next day it was the same as before (laughs). I naturally did everything before the staff told me to, even the setup for the transformation scene, and surprisingly I remembered everything.

「お帰り」っていう雰囲気で迎えてく ださって、「“ホーム”だな」って感じがしたね。

Totani: They greeted us with a “Welcome back” atmosphere, so it had a feeling of "home".

台本を読んで、大樹が大樹らしいのが楽しかったよ。「よしてくれたまえ」とか、“いかにも大樹”っていう感じ (笑)。

Masahiro: I enjoyed reading the script and seeing Daiki was the same as always. He was like "Please don't do this to me," which is very Daiki-like (laughs).

台本をもらった時、正直言って、そういうキザなニュアンスがちゃんと出せるか不安だったんだ。実際にやったら、全然大丈夫だったけど。今回の大樹は「ゴーカイジャー」のジョーとハカセ、「仮面ライダー 「オーズ/OOO」の (泉) 比奈とからむこと が多くて、しかも「士やマーベラスを助け なきゃ」って自分から動く。今まではいつも士はユウスケや夏海と一緒で、大樹はひ とりだった。それが逆転してるのが、面白いところ。前は「仲間はいらない」という考えだったけど、トリロジーやムービー大戦ダブル (仮面ライダーW&ディケイドMOVIE大戦2010) で何かを学んで、仲間意識がはえてきたのかも。

Totani: When I got the script, I honestly wasn't sure if I would be able to get that kind of conceited nuance right. Once I actually did it, it turned out to be totally fine. This time, Daiki often interacts with Joe and Hakase from "Gokaiger" and Izumi Hina from "Kamen Rider OOO", and he also makes his own moves, saying “I have to save Tsukasa and Marvelous”. Until now, Tsukasa has always been with Yusuke and Natsumi, while Daiki has been on his own. The interesting thing is that the situation was reversed. He used to think "I don't need friends," but maybe he learned something from Episode Yellow and Movie War W (Kamen Rider W & Decade Movie War 2010), and his sense of camaraderie has grown.


Masahiro: This time Tsukasa is like the "overlord" leading the Rider's camp. He is calm, strong, and unmovable. He may have a cruel side, but in fact, he cares about his friends. I hope I can show the "heroic" side of him there.


Rider movie and Sentai movie in one!


Masahiro: The scale of this film is huge, and the number of staff members is unprecedented. I think it will be a gorgeous and exciting film.

これ以上は詳しく言えないけど (笑)。ライダーの映画とスーパー戦隊の映画がひとつになったことで、片方を観たことないファンの方に「今まで観たことなかったけど結構面白いな」って思っていただけるといいね。同じ事務所の (火野映司/仮面ライダーオーズ役の渡部) 秀と共演したシーンも、楽しんでいただけると思う。

Totani: We can't go into more detail than that (laughs). I hope that by combining a Rider movie and a Super Sentai movie into one, fans who have only seen one will find the other quite interesting. I think they will also enjoy the scene in which I co-star with Watanabe Shu (the actor who plays Hino Eiji/Kamen Rider OOO), who is from the same agency as me.


Masahiro: Yeah. Those who are familiar with Kamen Rider and Super Sentai will enjoy the fine details, and those who are not will be able to relax and enjoy the movie. I hope many people will see this movie.