Yamamoto & Isomura interview from 日本映画navi 66

“Ryosuke is someone I can open up to from the bottom of my heart. I love him (laughs)” (Isomura)

"Kanon and Alain's marriage? ... I won't let you! (laughs)" (Yamamoto)

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2号、3号ライダー同士で バトンを渡せた映画の撮影現場

The filming of the movie where the No. 2 and No. 3 riders were able to pass the baton to each other

—新ライダーとなる 「仮面ライダーエグゼイド」 チームとの共演はいかがでしたか?

Interviewer: How was it working with the new "Kamen Rider Ex-Aid" team?


Isomura: It was like watching ourselves in the past.

そうそう。なんというか、変身一つ見ても、ああ、懐かしい! って感じで。(昨年の『MOVIE大戦』で)「仮面ライダードライブ」と共演した時、僕もこういう感じだったんだろうなというか。初めて「ドライブ」チームを見た時、やっぱり僕らとは全然違って、それを見て「ああ、こういうふうになりたいな」って思ったし、いろいろ参考にさせてもらったんですよね。で、今回「エグゼイド」チームを見てそれを思い出したし、同じように感じてくれていたらいいなと思いました。

Yamamoto: Yes, yes, even just seeing them transform, I feel nostalgic! When we acted with "Kamen Rider Drive" (in last year's "MOVIE Taisen"), they must have felt like this too. When I saw the "Drive" team for the first time, they were so different from us that I thought, "Oh, I want to be like them," and I used them as a reference. Seeing the "Ex-Aid" team this time reminded me of that, and I hope they feel the same way.


Interviewer: Did you have any advice for them?

僕は、2号ライダーの仮面ライダーブレイブ (鏡飛彩役) を演じている (瀬戸) 利樹が事務所の後輩でもあるので、インする前からいろいろと相談を受けていて。現場でもアフレコやお芝居のことをはじめ、自分が1年間やってきたことについて、いろいろと話しました。

Yamamoto: Seto Toshiki, who plays the secondary Rider, Kamen Rider Brave (Kagami Hiiro), is my junior at the office, so he consulted me about various things before he came on board. We talked a lot about what I had been doing for the past year, including post recording and acting.

僕は特に仮面ライダースナイプ (花家大我役) を演じる (松本) 享恭くん、仮面ライダーレーサー (九条貴利矢役) を演じる (小野塚) 勇人くんと一緒のシーンが多かったんですけど、享恭くんがずっとネクロムのファンだったみたいで、「ネクロムめっちゃカッコよかったです!」と言ってくれていたんです。で、アクションのこととかも相談を受けたので、自分が1年間経験した中で言える精一杯のことを伝えて。3号ライダー同士のバトンタッチみたいなことがその時にできた感じがしたので、ものすごくいい撮影になったと思います。

Isomura: I had a lot of scenes with Matsumoto Ukyo, who plays Kamen Rider Snipe (Hanaya Taiga), and Onozuka Hayato, who plays Kamen Rider Lazer (Kujou Kiriya). It seems Ukyo-kun has always been a fan of Necrom, and he told me, “Necrom is really cool!”. He consulted me about the action, so I told him about it the best I could based on my one year of experience, and I felt that we were able to pass the baton between the tertiary Riders at that time, so it was a very good shoot.

—2号、3号ライダーとしてマコトとアランを演じてきたお2人は、「ゴースト」 撮影中、一緒のシーンも多かったと思います。この1年を通じて、お互いはどういう存在になりましたか?

Interviewer: You two who played Makoto and Alain as Riders No. 2 and No. 3 had many scenes together during the filming of "Ghost". What kind of existence have you become to each other during this year?

一番頼れる存在というか、心から打ち解けて話せる存在ですね。それは役的にもそうなんですけど、 プライベートでもそうで。普段もよく遊んだりしているし、僕は大好きです。一方的にかもしれないですけど...... (チラリと山本を見る)。

Isomura: He is the person I can rely on the most, or the person with whom I can talk openly and sincerely. This is true in terms of roles, but it is also true in my private life. We usually fool around a lot, and I love him. Though it may be one-sided… (glances at Yamamoto).


Yamamoto: …To me, you’re just a friend.


Isomura: Then you’re my business partner!

嘘ウソ (笑)。この1年間、公私ともにお世話になりっぱなしでした。現場ではお芝居のこともいっぱい話したし、お互い (演技で) やりたいことを言える仲になれた。なかなか今までそういう人っていなかったし、お互いのいいところを尊重し合える関係を築けたので、そういう点はすごくよかったと思います。私生活でも (磯村の家に) 泊まりに行ったり。ご飯を作ってもらって、俺はずっとゲームして。本当にしょっちゅう一緒にいたよね。

Yamamoto: Kidding, kidding (laughs). I would like to thank you for all of your support, both publicly and privately, over the past year. We talked a lot about acting on set, and we became friends and could tell each other what we wanted to do (in acting). It was very difficult to find someone like that before, and we were able to build a relationship in which we respect each other's good points, so I think that was a very good thing. Even in our personal lives, I would stay over at Isomura’s house. He would cook for me while I played games all the time. We really spent a lot of time together.


Isomura: In the latter half of the year, he came to my house almost every day.


Interviewer: You will have less chances to meet each other in the future.


Isomura: I miss you.


Yamamoto: But we talk on LINE everyday.


Isomura: Every day, without fail.


Yamamoto: It's really a group of three with Shun, but basically Shun doesn't come in, so it's just the two of us talking the whole time.

駿は多分、入れないんだと思う。ここ (2人) が盛り上がりすぎて (笑)。

Isomura: Shun probably can't get in. We just get too excited in there (laughs).


Yamamoto: We’re probably bothering him too much.

あはははは! 携帯見て、「200件!?!?!」てぐらいやりとりしてるからね。

Isomura: Hahaha! He probably looks at his phone like, “200 messages!?!?”


Interviewer: Do you see any changes in each other compared to a year ago?

涼介は最初、結構硬いイメージがあったんだよね。マコトもカノンのこといろいろあって、怒りを秘めている感じの時期ではあったんだけど、涼介自身の体や表情も硬かった。それが撮影が進んでいくごとに柔らかくなってきて、現場での立ち居振る舞いというか、立ち姿とかも徐々に凛々しくなって。最初にあった硬さが男らしさや使命感みたいなものに変化していったんです。それは現場で見ていてものすごく感じましたね。……これ本人の前では今まで言わなかったけど…今日初めて言ってやったよ! (照)。

Isomura: At first, I had an image of Ryosuke as being quite stiff. Makoto was also in a period where he seemed to be harboring anger because of all that had happened with Kanon, but Ryosuke's body and facial expressions were also stiff. As the shooting progressed, Ryosuke's body and facial expressions became softer and softer, and his behavior on set, or rather, the way he stood, gradually became more dignified. The hardness that existed in the beginning was transformed into a sense of masculinity and mission. I really felt that when I saw it on the site. ...I’ve never said this in front of him before... Today was the first time I said it! (embarrassed).

(聞いていなかった風に) え、もう1回言って?

Yamamoto: (Pretending he wasn't listening) Eh, say that again?

もう言えない! (笑)。

Isomura: I can't say it again! (laughs).

いや、聞いていたよ (笑)。僕自身、仮面ライダーはずっとやりたかったものだったので、現場にインした時はすごく緊張してたんですよね。お芝居するには邪魔な緊張というか。

Yamamoto: No, I heard (laughs). I myself have always wanted to be a Kamen Rider, so I was really nervous when I entered the scene. It was the kind of nervousness that gets in the way of acting.


Isomura: I understand.


Yamamoto: I was more nervous than I needed to be, but as I worked on the role, I felt myself getting more and more relaxed and became able to concentrate on my acting. On the other hand, Isomura-kun was stoic about his role, as he had been since the beginning. I think it was probably the toughest position for him in terms of the role, as there were changes of heart and mind, but he also distanced himself from Shun when Takeru and Alain were not yet on good terms, and he did not sit in a chair while waiting even once during the whole year, which I really admired. I gained a lot from watching Isomura-kun.


Isomura: Thank you very much.

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スピンオフの構想も続々...... 「ゴースト」は今後も続く(!?)

Spin-off ideas are coming one after another... "Ghost" will continue (!?)


Interviewer: Looking back on "Kamen Rider Ghost," what is the best episode for each of you?

僕はやっぱり、たこ焼き持ってのアクションですかね (第30話「永遠! 心の叫び!」)。

Isomura: I guess I'd have to go with the takoyaki action (Episode 30 "Eternity! Cries of the Heart!").

あ〜 (納得)。

Yamamoto: Ah~ (I agree).


Isomura: I have never seen anything like it. It is a kind of action that will probably become my own original in Japan and in the world!


Yamamoto: Isn’t it like a Jackie Chan movie?

ないよね。実は台本読んだ時は何の違和感もなかったんだけどね。自分の中ではこれが当たり前だくらいに思ってたんだけど、いざテレビで見たら、笑っていいのか感動していいのかわからない感じになってた...... (苦笑)。

Isomura: It isn't. Actually, when I read the script, I didn't feel any different. I thought to myself that this was so natural, but when I saw it on TV, I didn't know whether to laugh or be moved... (strained laugh).


Yamamoto: It was hard, wasn’t it?


Isomura: Yes, I have mixed feelings about it. Even though it's a touching scene.

手を見たらたこ焼き持ってるっていうね (笑)。

Yamamoto: When I looked at his hand, I saw that he was holding a box of takoyaki (laughs).


Isomura: That was unforgettable, really. It was an impressive scene in many ways.

俺はマコト対マコトのシーンですね。(第36話「猛烈! アイドル宣言!」~第48話「終結! 悲しみの連鎖!」)

Yamamoto: For me, it's the scene of Makoto vs Makoto. (Episode 36 "Furious! Idol Manifesto!"~Episode 48 "End! The Chain of Sorrow!").

—以前「劇場版 仮面ライダーゴースト100の眼魂とゴースト運命の瞬間」でインタビューさせていただいた際、西銘さんが「マコト兄ちゃんが死んじゃいそうな気がする」と仰っていたのですが、それもすごくきれいに収束しましたね。

Interviewer: When I interviewed Nishime-san for "Kamen Rider Ghost the Movie: The 100 Eyecons and the Moment of Ghost's Destiny," he said, “I feel like Makoto-niichan is going to die,” and that converged very neatly.

そうですね、うまくまとまったというか。でも実は僕、もう1人のマコトは悪者で終わると思っていたので、できるだけ悪い感じでやっていこうと思って演じてたんですよ。なのに47話 (「呼応!それぞれの覚悟!」) 以降の台本を見たら急に優しくなっていたので、これはヤバい! ってなって。

Yamamoto: Yes, it all came together nicely. But actually, I thought the other Makoto would end up as a bad guy, so I was trying to make him look as bad as possible. And yet, when I read the script for episode 47 ("Concord! Everyone's Resolutions!"), I saw that he had suddenly become kinder and gentler. I thought, “This is bad!”

あははは! 演技プランが!

Isomura: Ha ha ha! There goes your acting plan!

演技プランもクソもないよね、っていう (笑)。しかも、急に優しくなる前の46話 (「決闘! 剣豪からの言葉!」) を撮り終えてからその台本を読んだので、“次で一気に戻さないと”って思って。46話でちょっと匂わせられていたあらまだよかったんだけど、もう撮り終わっちゃってるしな、みたいな状態だったんで。

Yamamoto: I didn't even have an acting plan (laughs). Moreover, I read the script after we had finished shooting episode 46 ("Duel! Words from a Swordsman!"), which was before he suddenly became kind, so I thought, “I have to go back on all of it in the next episode.” It would have been nice if I had been able to show a hint of it in episode 46, but we had already finished filming.


Isomura: That's true.


Yamamoto: So I had to make a radical course correction from there and make the change gradually so that it would be as comfortable as possible, but that was really difficult. I also had a hard time when the other Makoto switched from the military uniform to the Rider costume. When I changed into the military uniform, I was able to tell which Makoto was next, but when both of them began wearing the Rider costume, I couldn't… When I was playing Makoto, I had to imagine the other Makoto in front of me and say the lines, and when I got the OK, I had to run to the other side and do it the other way around.


Isomura: You were busy.


Yamamoto: I learned for the first time how hard it is to play two roles at once. But thanks to that, I was given another opportunity to step up my game in the second half of the show, when I knew that "Ghost" would soon be over, so I was grateful in that sense.


Interviewer: What kind of existence do you think "Kamen Rider Ghost" will become in your future?


Isomura: Alain refers to the earth as "the treasure of this world," and as Isomura Hayato, this work has become a treasure for me as well. Not only the post recording, action, and acting, but also memorizing scripts and attending events in a limited amount of time... I was able to experience so many things. I was able to play the role of a hero, which I have longed to play since childhood, and now I am in the position of being admired, so I want to continue to live my life with pride and responsibility.


Yamamoto: Like Isomura-kun said, this work really gave me a lot of experiences. I don't think I will have the same opportunities in the future, and I feel that what I was able to experience here will be very beneficial to me in the future. From now on, we'll carry the "Ghost" sign on our shoulders, so it would be nice to become a big name in that sense as well.


Interviewer: The other day, it was announced that the V-Cinema "Ghost RE:BIRTH Kamen Rider Specter" would be in production, but are there any other spin-off episodes you'd like to see?


Yamamoto: We’re about to shoot "Kamen Rider Spectre," and it's a very dark story.


Isomura: It's so serious, there's almost no laughter.


Yamamoto: Yeah. So I think it would be nice to do something with a different image...


Isomura: For example, “The Married Life of Kanon and Alain”.

(食い気味で) 結婚させないから!

Yamamoto: (Cutting in) I won’t let them get married!

うえ~~~ん (泣き真似)。結婚させてくださ~い!

Isomura: Wahh~~~ (fake crying). Please let us marry~!


Yamamoto: I will not let them marry.

厳しいなあ......。 あ、新婚旅行とかどう? 「カノンとアランの新婚旅行」。

Isomura: So mean... Oh, how about a honeymoon? How about "Kanon and Alain's Honeymoon"?

っていうVシネ? ……俺、ずっと旅行中、後ろに付いてくよ。

Yamamoto: In the V-Cin? …I'll be following behind you the whole trip.

ははは! マジで? (笑)。

Isomura: Hahaha! Seriously? (laughs)

引きのカットとか、ずっと後ろに (映ってるよ)。

Yamamoto: If you zoom in, you can see me all the way back (in the picture).

—それホラーですよ! (笑)。

Interviewer: That's horror! (laughs).


Both of them: (laugh).


Yamamoto: I’ll be staying quietly behind you in every cut.

面白い (笑)。

Isomura: Fun (laughs).

まあそれは冗談にしても、ちょっとそういう抜けた感じのもやれたらいいよね (笑)。

Yamamoto: Well, even if it’s a joke, it would be nice if we could do something a little more out of the ordinary like that (laughs).